Westfield Booragoon

Westfield Booragoon asked us to upgrade all existing bulkhead lighting and replaced with energy-efficient LEDs.
March 27, 2024

Project Summary

Partnered with Facilities team at Westfield’s Booragoon shopping centre, WACOMM seamlessly, quickly worked to upgrade all existing fluorescent bulkhead lightings changing these all over with new LED energy-efficient replacements


- LED Lighting
- Installation Services
- Project Management


Following success of this project and gaining the trust and loyalty from Westfield’s Facilities team: resulted in many other projects between WACOMM and Westfield andcontinuing to explore how WACOMM can add value to Westfield by installing similar lighting at other Westfield sites, across WA.  

Constraints & Resources

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Project Photos

Supporting Westfield Centres with tailored solutions, expert lighting and communications services.  

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