Thermal Imaging

Thermographic survey switchboards, equipment & load testing to reduce risks of catastrophic equipment failure.

Thermal Imaging

Specialty Electrical and Thermographic Contractors

Detect hotspots and abnormal heat patterns to keep your people safer.

Thermographic surveys of a site’s electrical switchboard are essential maintenance that identifies critical fault areas before they arise. Reduces the risk of damage to infrastructure from catastrophic equipment failure, or worse, even loss of life.

Infrared Cameras deployed by WACOMM scan across electrical switchboards, and equipment to identify hot spots or components with an unbalanced load or abnormal surface temperature.  Thermography relies on the fact all objects emit infrared radiation ( not visible to the human eye)but easily detected and translated into images, using WACOMM’s specialised thermal cameras.

Streamline Electrical Maintenance programs. Access this thermal imagery in a well-planned, controlled way. Specialised camera images/scans show WACOMM where hotspots are in a colour display - elevated temperatures, prolonged periods of heat on a switchboard or equipment, highlights defective equipment, overloaded cables, loose connections, unbalanced loads and much more.

  • Rapid fault detection, prevent damage, safety and/or the risk of fire.
  • Avoid disruptive, costly outages and Infrastructure shutdowns /failures.
  • Prevent Loss of trade and/or damage claims.
  • Receive Lower Insurance premiums.

Benefits of Thermographic Testing

The multiple advantages of thermal imaging support real-world applications, with positive impacts upon  Industry, makes this Testing a critical service for businesses:

  • Early Detection: Building thermographic testing regimes will identify the potential faults and abnormalities in electrical systems and mechanical equipment.  Helps prevent costly downtime, equipment damage, and serious safety hazards.
  • Enhanced Safety: Trust WACOMM to identify hotspots and overloaded circuits in electrical systems, reducing any risk of electrical fires and accidents. Improve safety measures leading to reduction of workplace injuries, increased peace of mind for businesses and homeowners and potential insurance savings.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Thermographic testing can detect insulation gaps and air leaks in buildings, leading to reduced energy wastage and lower utility bills. By identifying energy inefficiencies, businesses and homeowners can make targeted improvements, resulting in long-term energy and cost savings.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: earlier, regular thermographic inspections help detect minor issues, avoiding expensive repairs or replacement in future.
  • Extends Lifespan of Equipment: Proactive maintenance based on thermographic findings can extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally-friendly, reduces Carbonfoot print:  Thermographic testing promotes energy efficiency by identifying areas of heat loss, this contributes to a reduced carbon footprint. With growing emphasis on sustainability, thermographic testing supports eco-friendly practices and aligns with your city’s environmental goals.
  • Optimal Solar Panel Performance:  Detect defective solar cells in photovoltaic systems, ensure maximum energy production. Thermographic surveys identify and we can repair faulty panels, helping solar system owners maximise their return on investment and contribute to cleaner energy future.
  • Effective Pest Control: Thermographic testing also detects areas of potential pest activity, by identifying temperature variations. Targeted pest control based on thermographic findings reduces the use of harmful chemicals, minimises Environmental impact while efficiently managing pests in agricultural regions.
  • Compliance and Insurance requirements: In many industries, thermographic inspections are required to meet safety and insurance standards. Ask WACOMM to conduct your thermographic inspections regularly to demonstrate compliance, and potentially leading to lower insurance premiums, and reduced liability risks

Thermographic Surveys are carried out under normal operating conditions, ensuring the electrical systems are tested when system is working under load. So thermographic testing of electrical equipment is non-intrusive work (no disruptions to your business operations.

Many insurance companies now insist on carrying out Thermographic Surveys to ensure your electrical infrastructure poses no major risks in commercial or industrial environments. If any incident was to occur, and the company hasn’t carried out Thermographic Testing on the site, likely that the insurance company could deny the claim and lead to a WorkSafe WA investigation (into why Safe System of WorkPractices aren’t in play.)

Require Thermal Imaging?

WACOMM's team of experts will assist you in making your workplace safer by identifying potential causes of future incidents.

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